E Storage Backup Secure Backup Data Solutions

Pricing & Plans

E-Storage Backup is the most cost-effective data protection and recovery service available - period. Whether you are an individual PC user or an IT Director in a multi-billion dollar corporation, our products and services are designed to secure your data and dramatically reduce your overall cost of computer ownership.

E-Storage Backup offers the lowest pricing in the industry for what we offer.. Our Annual Subscription service automatically and securely protects your data year-round. Corporate and multiple-computer users will appreciate our value packed, cost effective programs. You can even get your entire backup account delivered to you on CD or DVD media.

With every business having different needs we can customize a package to fit your needs. All plugins are included in the price.

All plans below require 1 year prepaid.

Basic Home Plan
500MB Space
1 License
5.95 month

Advanced Business Plan
5GB Space
1 License
25.95 month
Basic Business Plan
1GB Space
1 License
9.95 month

Additional 1 GB Space
After The Advanced Business Plan
2.95 month
Small Business Plan
3GB Space
1 License
20.95 month
Additonal 1 License
1.95 month

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