E Storage Backup Secure Backup Data Solutions

Why Backup?

E-Storage Backup is a comprehensive data protection system. E-Storage Backup offers an easy-to-use and reliable backup solution to ensure that important business and personal data is protected and is readily available when needed.

Low cost, best protection

E-Storage Backup offers complete protection to your business data at the best value of money currently available in the market. Unlike other products, E-Storage Backup offers all core features you "need" without requiring you to pay for some "nice to have" features that you will never use.

Easy to use

Interface of the client-side software (EstorageOBM) is cleanly laid out. Functions and buttons are self-explanatory, average users should have no problems in operating the core functions.

Stable and proven technology

Unlike traditional backup approach, E-Storage Backup requires absolutely no human involvement to complete the whole backup operation, thus ensuring the backup of business data is always negligence and error free, all important business data will always be available and accessible when you want them. E-Storage Backup software is being used by clients all over. It has been proven to work well throughout the years. Using E-Storage Backup gives you the peace of mind because you are using one of the most stable and popular data protection systems around.

Extensive coverage

In the working place, most people are storing vast amount of important business data on their desktops and notebooks because it is undoubtedly more convenient for them. With E-Storage Backup, all users' desktops and notebooks can be backup seamlessly, periodically and automatically. No backup will be missed and all important business data won't be lost.

Expert Support

E-Storage Backups professionals are experts on the Online Backup software, who can definitely provide insightful startup recommendations and upgrade methodologies, which could minimize the chance of errors, hence ensuring a smooth and successful implementation.